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Women's shaping fitness schedule essence version

  A lot of girls want to front and back body, but do not know how to develop a correct shaping fitness program. Targeted fitness program, you can slim legs and thin the whole body, improve flexibility, improve leg shape and enhance the temperament.

  A, leg shaping

  supine straight leg open and close: lie on your back in the yoga mat strong, feet straight up, tense legs, hands on both sides of the body, legs open to the maximum, the inner leg test force, exhale when the legs are clamped, open legs when inhaling, slow down the speed of leg opening, adhere to a minute; hands to help squat: feet apart, a little wider than the shoulders, waist and back straight, knee direction and toe direction, natural squat, buttocks backwards, fall to the lowest point When the hands support thighs, adhere to a minute.

  Second, back shaping

  Supine diagonal stretch: body lying on the yoga mat, body in a straight line, hands straight ahead, palms facing inward, lift the right leg when lifting the left hand, lift the left leg when lifting the right hand, lift the leg, feel the hip squeeze, lift the hand when feeling both sides of the spine force tightening, adhere to a minute; breaststroke arm: body lying on the yoga mat, body in a straight line, chest and legs up, hands straight, palms down, open the shoulders, arms back. Open both shoulders, arms backward to both sides of the body, repeat the action, adhere to a minute.

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  Three, hip shaping

  Hip bridge: lie on your back on the yoga mat, hands straight on both sides of the body, feet straight, hips up, heels on the ground, hips up and exhale, hips down and inhale, repeat the action for one minute; flat support leg lift: elbows pressed on the yoga mat, legs straight, toes supporting the ground, keep the body in a straight line, legs alternately raised, adhere to one minute.

  Four, stretching

  Leg stretching: stand straight, insert your right hand into your waist, pick up your right leg with your left hand, stretch the front side of your thighs, insist on thirty seconds and change sides; back stretching: kneel on your knees on the yoga mat, sit on your hips at your heels, lie with your upper body down, straighten your hands, palms up, insist on thirty seconds; hip stretching: support the ground with both hands, straighten your upper body, straighten your left leg back, bend your right leg to your abdomen, keep breathing naturally, insist on thirty seconds and change sides Stretching.


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