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What are the advantages of gym confrontation group training in overall shaping

  Fitness confrontation training is a relatively common training method in fitness, compared with conventional fitness, confrontation group training in the strength to improve the overall shape of the advantages of each. Practice good fitness confrontation, can be more balanced force, strength will also be correspondingly improved, confrontation training is actually a complementary continuous process, is a combination of exercise on the adjacent muscle groups. Take the chest and back of these two muscle groups to do confrontation group exercises, can be better for the chest muscle groups muscle building and shaping.

  Practice confrontation to carry out an integration, for example, today in the training of chest, tomorrow practice back can be changed to the two muscle groups exercise combined.

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  Although independent exercises can also achieve good results, but there are flaws, independent exercises of the body coordination can not complete the exercise, with the training depth increases, the muscles will become uneven front and back. Of course, there will be problems at the beginning of the exercise, and the chest will have to be resharpened for the combination of training movements. There is another advantage of the combined training method, that is, the training intensity can also be improved. For example, we originally did incremental training, there are rowing and bar ling two apparatus training program, do a combination of training can be a reasonable division of the two apparatus, so that the training of the target muscle group stimulation will be stronger.

  Tips for choosing confrontation training muscle groups

  The correct way should be to find the different muscle groups to be exercised but there is a linkage between the muscles to be able to carry out the combination, such as training legs and chest training such a combination.

  Exercise also pay attention to the balance of the training action group of muscle groups exercise, pay attention to the good symmetry balance, exercise will not cause the problem of huge differences in exercise results.

  Gym to do equipment fitness using this combination of many ways, other training groups can also be combined training, overall to keep the amount of training moderate, so that the muscle will not cause strains due to excessive exercise.


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