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Self-weight training how to train shoulders Shoulder self-weight training movements

  There are a lot of shoulder training movements, some are trained with equipment, and some just rely on their own weight to exercise, which is self-weight training. The shoulder is relatively fragile compared to other parts of the body, and self weight training is more appropriate than apparatus training.

  1、Assisted inversion

  Brace your hands on the double bar, walk with your feet against the wall facing upward until your hands reach the position above your head. This time open your shoulders, arms hard against the ground, stick to the top of the action for 1 second (of course you can stick to 2-5 seconds), and then walk back to recover the entire action process. If you can do more than four repetitions, you can adjust the posture of the exercise to make it more difficult, thus advancing the training of more muscles.

  2、Supine Russian shoulder punch

  The second exercise is the supine Russian shoulder press, this exercise is basically a Russian shoulder press, but this movement is mainly to train the muscles of the back side of the body, rather than the front side of your body muscles. This exercise is not only good for your posterior shoulder, trapezius and other muscles of the back; it can also exercise your shoulder extension, stretch your biceps and stabilize your shoulder joint.

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  3、Supine ring flying bird

  When you start to do this movement, first extend your elbows, rotate your shoulders internally, bend your elbows as you do the pull-up, rotate your shoulders outward, straighten your spine with a slight extension, and try to pin your shoulder blades together. Supine hanging ring flying bird can not only strengthen the muscles, but also form an even balance in strength and stability of the training shoulders, it will focus on training your deltoid middle and rear bundles and your rotator cuff muscles.

  4, prone arm circles

  Prone arm circles This movement involves all your deltoids and the complete rotator cuff. It is not only good for shoulder strength, but also for flexibility and health. In this exercise, using an internal to external rotation, you move your straight arm from the front side of your body to the back side of your body. If you are not flexible enough to raise your arms when your body is lying in a straight position, you can push slightly harder to jerk your body is also possible. (Pay attention to more) Our goal in this movement is still to train shoulder flexibility without jerking up.


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