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How to lose weight and shape through exercise for girls?

  Summer is here again, and women are starting to fight with their flesh again. Many female friends feel that not to eat will not be fat, you want to diet to lose weight and shape, but in fact, this is not only hurt the body and no effect, can only be counterproductive. In fact, through the fitness exercise is a very good way to lose weight and slim, and can help you shape the perfect body.

  1, chest training

  Chest training can burn fat on the hands, but also to help girls in the chest fat under the practice of thin muscles, pad a certain thickness, the visual effect will be better. Pectoral muscles are well practiced, the prevention of external dispersion also has a very good effect. The recommended action, lasso clip chest, butterfly machine clip chest.

  2, back training

  Girls training back can make the back line looks more beautiful and smooth, so that the body more upright.

  3, shoulder training

  Girls' shoulders are actually the key to temperament and charm, opening the shoulders can make the overall posture of girls better, more upright and elegant. To recommend a few exercise movements: standing dumbbell side planks, dumbbell prone side planks, so that your shoulders are more straight, so that your whole person is rich in spirit.

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  4, hip and leg training

  The buttocks and legs are the highlights of a girl's body, so in the process of losing weight and getting in shape, the exercise of these two parts is also essential. In addition, the hip and leg muscle groups contribute to the fat burning of the whole body is also very large, exercise these two parts is the most important part of fat loss.

  Hip and leg training


  1, the whole set of movements according to their own situation for 2-4 times cycle.

  2, before and after exercise respectively 5-10 minutes of warm-up and relaxation, such as jogging, stretching, etc. Otherwise, the whole body will be painful after fitness.

  3, the process of practice, try not to rest between the action and action, rest 1 to 2 minutes after doing the whole set of movements.

  4, special circumstances can also be practiced, but the intensity should be reduced.

  5, do not practice repeated parts every day.

  6, the above fitness weight loss program to adhere to a month will reap unexpected results, yo!


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