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What are the benefits of leaning over and running

  Bent-over mountain running is a well-known sport in training sports, I believe some people still know it. When practicing leaning and climbing, you must first know how to do this exercise, and what are the benefits of practicing this exercise, so that you can train more effectively. What are the benefits of leaning over and running? If you don’t understand, you can come and have a look.

  The benefits of leaning over and climbing

  Many people want to train their abdominal muscles, but only a few people have mastered the fast and effective method. In addition to regular exercises such as abdominal curling and reverse abdominal curling, the effect of in-situ mountain running is also very good, and the effect of abdominal muscle exercise is particularly good. The pre-training intensity of this exercise is still relatively large. People of different physiques can train for different time because it is a training method that combines aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. The training objectives are different and the intensity is also very high. different.

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  how to do leaning over mountain climbing

  1. Just like push-ups, put the whole body weight on the palms and toes. And make sure the body is in a straight line.

  2. Use your leg muscles to drive one knee up and move forward to your chest to reach your limit.

  3. Put it down backwards and lift up with the other foot, repeat the action.

  Leaning over mountain running precautions

  1. The body has always maintained the most natural straight line, and the lower back is not excessively concave or convex.

  2. Use the core muscles to control the stability of the body.

  3. The core muscles of the abdomen are always tense, and the hips force the legs to move as far as possible.

  4. Beginners can use the equipment to assist first, slow down the speed, focus on the stability of the body and the correctness of the muscles, and then increase the speed after being proficient.


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