Voltrx blender cups are the right size; high quality

  I am obsessed with this size and design! So many protein shake blenders are as big as only a quarter of my gym bag. It can hold a complete protein shake (12-14 ounces, 2 scoops), but the size can be controlled. The Tritan bottle is not easy to scratch, and there is not too much/any water under the handle when cleaning. The lid is absolutely leak-proof, although I still stir it nervously for a few hours. The lid is well covered and easy to clean.

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  I took the ball out and used it as a protein shake blender for daily water. Easy to clean. Just make sure the cap is straight and don't tilt it slightly when tightening, as it will cause leakage when it is turned sideways or upside down. If it is indeed screwed in a slightly inclined position, it is a human error, not a defect, so the comment is still five stars.


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